Our Services

Reel Nature is a Zambian Registered Company, providing film crew support services, fixing and ultimately remote location support, kit and equipment; a one-stop-shop with no need for middlemen!

Reel Nature is an offshoot of Jeffery & McKeith Safaris, who have worked with wildlife and documentary film crews since 2012 and offer a highly professional and efficient service from the first researchers email to the final day departure of the film crew.

On Location

Importation, Accreditation and Immigration.

Reel Nature is able to organize the relevant documentation for each and every shoot, understanding that each film crew has different requirements. We work closely with a number of organizations that aid in the smooth processing of all formalities necessary to be completed before crews land in country. We are also able to organise drone licences and pilots through our partners at Bwana Jimmy Productions (the only bona-fide and fully licensed drone operators for documentary film makers in the region).

Pre-shoot Research

We understand how much research goes into scouting the best locations (and fixers!) on the ground and as such, with our wealth of natural history knowledge and logistical experience we are certain to offer the very best advice and solutions. We have hosted and organised pre-shoot scoping trips for producers and researchers and are able to organise these at short notice and cost-effectively.

Reel Nature Equipment

The idea is that the specific accommodation and power requirements for each individual crew are catered for within the specialized equipment owned and operated by Reel Nature (see page). However, we are able to source specific external equipment and power if necessary, enabling fully isolated and remote location filming to be as smooth as possible, maximizing time in the field and on location.

Logistics and Accommodation

With a background in tourism, smooth logistical requirements are second nature and as such booking hotels and lodges (both in Lusaka and in wildlife areas/national parks) is something we are very familiar with and able to do for film crews as and where required.


Reel Nature have full public liability insurances with SATIB and copies of which are available for the prospective production companies. Whilst it is imperative that each visitor to Zambia and the region has fully comprehensive medical insurance we are able to facilitate this on the ground if needed, as well as secure medical evacuation cover through our chosen partner SES.

Fees and Costs

Due to the bespoke nature of each and every production it is difficult to give set costs, however do feel free to email us to get an idea of estimates. For all 3rd party payments (such as to ZANIS for press accreditation, or to DNPW for national parks filming fees) we do have a small administration fee. The idea is of course that what we feel is arguably the best kitted out remote location film making rig in the region can be used and depending on how much or little of it is useful to your particular production, the costs will vary accordingly.

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