Zambia is particularly blessed with a huge variety of peoples and customs, with some of the most fascinating, welcoming, colorful and exhilarating traditional ceremonies on the continent.

Much of these ceremonies are in extremely remote areas where accommodation and facilities are lacking. At Reel Nature we are able to not only get you there with our fully catered mobile set-up but we are able to organize all of the special invites and permits that you need to attend these special events. We believe that this side of Zambia’s wonderful heritage is seriously under explored and would love for you to see it!


Ceremonies to look out for include (but not limited to!):

  • Kuomboka of the Lozi
  • Kazanga of the Nkoya
  • N’cwala of the Ngoni
  • Mutomboko of the Lunda
  • Bulile of the Bwile

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