About Reel Nature

Reel Nature is a Zambian Registered Company, providing film crew support services, fixing and ultimately remote location support, kit and equipment; a one-stop-shop with no need for middlemen!

Reel Nature is an offshoot of Jeffery & McKeith Safaris, who have worked with wildlife and documentary film crews since 2012 and offer a highly professional and efficient service from the first researchers email to the final day departure of the film crew.

The Reel Nature Team


Zambia is a wildlife haven boasting 20 National Parks, almost a third of the entire country is designated as some form of protected area.

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Zambia is particularly blessed with a huge variety of peoples and customs, with some of the most fascinating, colorful and exhilarating traditional ceremonies on the continent.

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Reel Nature offers complete solutions for all sorts of filming requirements.

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Full of Experience

With over 20 years combined experience in the wildlife and tourism sector there are very few areas that the crew do not know intimately and remote location operations is something they are well known for (they won the prestigious ‘Safari Awards’ in 2016 for ‘Best Mobile Safari Operator’). This is ultimately what gave the team their first filmmaking support opportunity in 2012 with BBC EARTH for ‘Enchanted Kingdom - 3D’. On top of all of this the crew are all very keen photographers and amateur videographers, with a plethora of experience with a whole host of equipment and scenarios.

Reel Nature is based in Lusaka, offering not only a wealth of knowledge and expertise but also owning and running their own fleet of film making vehicles and support equipment (see here), setting them apart from other fixers and logistical support companies in the region. Flexibility being the key to each and every shoot, we have had crews from the US and the UK, some requiring simple guiding/vehicle support and others a full ‘fixed’ shoot, from press accreditation and importation services to making sure our dedicated remote location chef caters for all sorts of dietary needs.

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