Zambia is a wildlife haven and still somewhat off the beaten path - boasting 20 National Parks, almost a third of the entire country is designated as some form of protected area.

Whilst there are plenty of options to choose from in the better-known safari areas there are also many hidden gems to explore and discover…

Go Wild

Did you know that one of the world’s largest mammal migrations comes through Zambia every year? Let’s go to Kasanka, check out the bats, and see where David Livingstone was laid to rest in the same region.

Did you know that Liuwa Plains in remote western Zambia is home to the second largest concentration of wildebeest and zebra in Africa? Let’s go to the wild west and get the Kalahari sand between our toes.

Water, water, water… From Kalambo Falls the second-tallest waterfall in Africa (twice the height of Victoria Falls!) to the deepest freshwater lake in the world (containing 17% of the worlds fresh water!) Zambia has an incredible number of stunning rivers, lakes and waterfalls. Find the source of the Zambezi or pick our way along the country visiting the waterfalls of your choice.

If you’ve seen or heard of something in Zambia that sounds interesting, let us know, we’d love to get you there and explore!

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