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Reel Nature

Reel Nature offers complete solutions for all sorts of filming requirements, but what sets us apart is our appreciation of how valuable time is in this industry and our ability to ensure that teams maximize their time in the field by utilising our own equipment and personnel (less need for 3rd parties).

Tracking camera
The team on Location

Reel Set Up

Our bespoke filming rigs and mobile camps can fully cater for crew-members in the remotest of locations with every detail taken care of, from comfortable and safe tented accommodation to 24/7 power supply and cooling fans for computers and editing equipment in our mobile editing/data suite.

Reel Nature’s setup allows crews to be in the field for extended periods of time without having to worry about returning to a base for charging/feeding/sleeping, saving precious filming time and making every second count.

Our set-up also allows unprecedented access to some of the more challenging filming locations in the region where accommodation and support may be hard to come by and where more static organisations may not have the capacity to host film crews.

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